Premier Tire and Wheel Protection

Let's face it, because of mother nature, New England roads are in less than stellar condition. When you drive down those snowy, icy, or muddy roads how often are you thinking about how much damage those small potholes are doing to your tires, wheels, and vehicle? You're not alone. The truth is even the smallest potholes are doing constant damage to your wheels that could create the need for repair, replacement, or even a lower resale value down the road.

Aside from road damage there are other factors and hazards that pose very serious and costly danger to your tires. Nails and glass are just two of the most common road hazards that are completely out of your control.

Premier Tire and Wheel Protection will cover the replacement or repair cost of your tires and wheels if they are damaged by a road hazard. It is impossible to protect yourself from hazards in the road but it is possible to protect yourself from the unexpected expenses caused by those hazards.

Benefits of Tire & Wheel Protection

    • Curb damage included

    • Term length 1 to 5 years

    • Covers flat tire repair up to $35 per tire

    • Offers tire replacement in an event the tire is non-repairable

    • Offers wheel repair or replacement if damage to the wheel prevents tire from forming an air-tight seal

    • Covers the cost of mounting, balancing, valve stems and disposal of a tire and/or wheel

    • Pays up to $100 for towing or a flat tire changing service anywhere in the United States

    • Alloy wheel cosmetic repair is an optional coverage for minor cosmetic damage repairs to alloy wheels with a factory wheel brushed or painted surface (up to $800 over the life of the contract)

    • Roadside Assistance through Allstate Motor Club

    • Rental car reimbursement of $35 per day/up to three days if left overnight for replacement of a covered wheel

    • Trip interruption eligibility up to a maximum benefit of $300 to cover expenses such as transportation, food and lodging

New Hampshire ranks ninth-worst in the country for the poor condition of its rural roads, and 11th-worst for deficient rural bridges. "New Hampshire has some great roads, particularly the turnpike system, which is in better condition than those in many other states, and the Department of Transportation does a great job, he said. "But when we get out to the secondary roads, we have got some real issues." - Union Leader

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