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Attention Canadian customers! Are you looking to import a pre-owned
or Certified Pre-Owned Honda from the U.S. to Canada*?  Honda of Keene is your expert, one stop location.

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Canadians from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Nova Scotia to Newfoundland come to Honda of Keene of Keene, New Hampshire to save thousands on their next Honda.  We have over 40 late model pre-owned and Certified Pre-Owned Honda models that will save you 30-40% over similar models in Canada.

What can you expect?  Honda of Keene can assist you through the entire process of getting your car back into Canada.  We will handle the paperwork, recall clearance certificate, temporary registration and even transportation if needed.  Call George Thompson today at (888) 876-5030 ext. 6012 to find out more on how you can save thousands on your next pre-owned Honda.

All of Honda of Keene's late model pre-owned Hondas include a bumper to bumper warranty good in Canada!!!

Call George Thompson today at (888) 876-5030 ext. 6012 or by email at
or simply use the form below.

* US Honda dealers are not permitted to export new Hondas into Canada.  Not to worry. Honda of Keene has an expansive inventory of low mileage, Pre-Owned Honda vehicles that are basically brand new!  Check out our inventory here!

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